July 18, 2024 8:35 am
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Local News

Marquette Innovates with First-Ever Laser Show for July 4 Celebrations


Marquette, Michigan, known for its vibrant Independence Day festivities, is set to blaze a new trail this year with a groundbreaking addition to its annual celebrations. Alongside the traditional fireworks display that lights up the night sky across the nation, Marquette will introduce its inaugural laser show on July 4. This innovative initiative aims to provide a sensory-friendly alternative for individuals with sensory issues and veterans coping with PTSD. Organized by the town’s Fourth of July Committee, led by Anna Dravland, this initiative has garnered widespread anticipation, promising a spectacle over Lake Superior at the Lower Harbor that is expected to capture global attention.

“We are thrilled to offer this unique experience,” shared Dravland, highlighting the community’s dedication to inclusivity and support for those with specific sensitivities. The decision to incorporate a laser show alongside the traditional fireworks reflects Marquette’s commitment to enhancing accessibility while maintaining the cherished spirit of Independence Day festivities. As communities nationwide prepare to commemorate the nation’s birth, Marquette’s innovative approach sets a precedent for celebrating diversity and ensuring that all residents and visitors can enjoy the holiday to the fullest extent.