July 18, 2024 7:07 am
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Marquette Art Week 2024: A Celebration of Growth and Creativity


Marquette’s Art Week 2024, scheduled from June 24 to June 29, promises an immersive celebration of the city’s artistic landscape. Sponsored by the Marquette Downtown Development Authority, this annual event showcases a wide array of activities including art exhibitions, live performances, interactive workshops, and public art installations. The event theme, “Grow,” reflects the city’s ongoing capital improvement projects, such as the renovation of a historical building into a cultural center and the creation of the Shoreline Cultural Trail. These projects are funded through grants and contributions from various foundations, highlighting the community’s commitment to enhancing its cultural infrastructure​.

Among the many highlights, Art Week features an opening sunrise ceremony, children’s plein air painting sessions at Lighthouse Park, and a concert by the Hiawatha Music Co-op at the Marquette Commons. Throughout the week, visitors can enjoy the Paint the Town with Love chalk festival hosted by the U.P. Children’s Museum, and participate in the Downtown Marquette Art Stroll which includes various art installations and live demonstrations in local galleries and businesses. Additionally, new events such as the Lakeshore Community Arts Festival and the Presque Isle Artist Market will be introduced, providing fresh opportunities for community engagement​.

Art Week 2024 also offers numerous pop-up artist demos, music performances, and community-building activities, culminating in a closing concert by the Marquette City Band. With over 50 events planned, residents and visitors can pick up a detailed schedule at local venues such as the City Arts & Culture Center or the Peter White Public Library. This week-long celebration not only showcases Marquette’s rich artistic talent but also fosters a deeper connection between the city’s cultural projects and its community members.